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IOS 9 Preview

Many people are getting more excited about Apple’s next version software for iPad, iPod and iPhone which is called iOS 9.  With all those enhanced and amazing features, who wouldn’t be?  For those who are not familiar what iOS means, let me define it for you.  The “i” stands for Internet and “OS” stands for […]

The New Economic Revolution – Bitcoin

A cryptocurrency comprises a digital coinage which is designed and operated by utilization of sophisticated encryption techniques, namely cryptography. Cryptocurrency evolved into a reality with development of Bitcoin during 2009. The adherents to bitcoin gradually increased and on April 2013 it touched a record of 266 dollars each, shooting 10 times in past 2 months. […]

Some Cool applications of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also called Drone are unpiloted aerial vehicles that operate without having human pilot abroad. In simpler words we can say that UAVs are powered aerial vehicles that don’t carry human operator instead make use of aerodynamics force for offering lift to vehicle. They can by flied autonomously or can be remotely […]

All about Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system designed for personal computers and developed by Microsoft. In 2014 April, it was first presented at Build Conference and is scheduled for 2015 release. Currently its public beta testing is going on. Users who are using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 will get free of cost upgrades to this […]

10 kinds of Internet Scams You Should Be Alert

Nowadays, internet services are used for wide range of good and bad activities. One such bad activity is internet scams. Internet scams can take place in websites, message boards, emails, or chat rooms. Purchase fraud is highly common. In this type of fraud, criminal will approach merchant as well as propose business transaction. They will […]